Online grocery shopping emerges as market share contender

Online grocery shopping emerges as market share contender

Colin Guheen, Wells Fargo Sector Manager, Packaged Foods, Restaurant, and Food Retail
Chris Innes, Wells Fargo Industry Risk Associate, Packaged Foods, Restaurant, and Food Retail

You can’t smell fresh cilantro through your computer screen or feel the ripeness of an avocado on your smartphone. That is, until such technology is developed. Over the next decade, as online shopping evolves as the fastest growing channel in the grocery sector, we will see if a true phase-shift emerges in food buying behavior, or if online grocery shopping plateaus and becomes an occasional option for “stock-up” packaged goods.


Blog: Make allowance for your doubting too

Michael_SwansonMichael Swanson, Ph.D., Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist

The markets await each USDA Crop Progress report with bated breath. Every crop year repeats an endless cycle; too wet and cold to plant, followed by too hot and dry to pollinate, ending with white knuckles about an early frost. The amount of price volatility these different stages generate depends on how close you are to the bottom of this year’s bin.

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