Courtney Buerger Schmidt, Wells Fargo Food and Agribusiness Sector Analyst, Protein and Dairy
Lee Ann Pearce, Wells Fargo Food and Ag Sector Manager, Specialty Crops, Tree Nuts, Wineries, Grapes

Social media has changed the way that people around the world obtain and digest news, or “fake news”, along with the speed at which the news becomes public. The reality is that social media has taken on a much larger role in product visibility and promotion, especially if the demographic target is the younger generations.

Michael Swanson blog: What’s up with ethanol and corn demand?

Michael_SwansonMichael Swanson, Ph.D., Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist

Demand growth for ethanol in the U.S. stalled in 2018, basically approaching 0%. This lack of ethanol growth is hitting the corn market hard at the same time that the soybean export market continues to struggle with tariffs.

Food Matters blog: Straight talk about plant-based protein

Ken ZuckerbergKenneth Scott Zuckerberg, AIF® AFA®, Wells Fargo Sector Manager, Agrifood Technology and Packaged Foods

Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian diets have grown in popularity in recent years as consumer preferences and values have shifted towards health and wellness, humaneness, and sustainability.

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