Wine in a can — sustainable alternative or packaging gimmick?

Wine in a can — sustainable alternative or packaging gimmick?

Lee Ann Pearce, Wells Fargo Sector Manager, Winery, Vineyards, and Tree Nuts

Wine in a can is not a new concept, having been around for some time, however, it’s taking on new life as the wine industry adapts to ever-changing consumer preferences. As baby boomers age out, and the millennial generation ages in for alcohol consumption, it’s apparent that wineries are working to keep pace with this physically active and environmentally conscious consumer group. Millennials value portability and ease of recycling, but don’t wish to sacrifice quality and product authenticity in the process. Winemakers are clearly listening to their customers, since the number of premium wine brands that are embracing the packaging of wine in cans is increasing.


Blog: Is U.S. agriculture rebalancing in favor of livestock?

Michael_SwansonMichael Swanson, Ph.D., Wells Fargo Chief Agricultural Economist

Nothing beats a widely accepted economic theory getting trampled by a herd of unruly facts. One economic theory is that everyone (including farmers and livestock producers) tries to maximize net profit. Everyone knows that theory doesn’t hold water on the individual basis. Sometimes, the next dollar of income just isn’t worth it to the person chasing it. Probably, the better theory is that everyone wants to maximize income with the least amount of effort, however, they see things in their own little world view.

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